Peggy Cartwright....Peggy

Jackie Condon...."Roosie" Roosevelt Pershing Smith

Ernie Morrison....Sunshine Sammy

Betsy Ann Hisle....Mabel

Allen Hoskins....Farina

Richard Billings....Our Gang Member

George Warde....Our Gang Member

*Elmo Billings....Our Gang Member (*Young Hollywood Cast I.D.)

*Kenneth Johnson....Our Gang Member (*Young Hollywood Cast I.D.)

All children appearing in this film are now credited. No additional child cast members appear in the footage I have viewed. Monty O'Grady and the Doty Twins (Winston & Weston) do not appear in this film as some sources mention.

Not sure if this film has any missing or deleted scenes.

Betsy Ann Hisle

Peggy Cartwright

Jackie Condon

Kenneth Johnson Headshot

George Warde Headshot

George Warde was formerly misidentified in this film as Monty O'Grady in The Little Rascals Book.

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